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Doing Good Well
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A strategic, conceptual and highly readable book…Willie has done a masterful job keeping the content fresh and intriguing - and even infuses the book with his unique style of humor. His ideas are thought provoking and accessible. Read More...

William D. Green, Chairman & CEO, Accenture

Willie's provocative perspective on the donor, donor motivations, regulation, compensation, the rich/poor divide and social enterprises to name just a few, is enlightening and refreshing. He reminds the reader of the philosophy of Andrew Carnegie and combines this ageless wisdom with his own thoughts and experiences. At the same time, he peppers his book with interesting research from toilet NGOs to quirky quotes from his penchant for comics. You will enjoy this book immensely! Read More..

Paulette V. Maehara, President and CEO, Association of Fundraising Professionals

Willie Cheng's analysis of the challenges facing citizen organizations underscores the historic opportunity to build a thriving citizen sector worldwide.

Bill Drayton, CEO and Founder, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

A must-read for anybody who wants to understand philanthropy and nonprofits in Asia and beyond.

Dr. Maximilian Martin, Global Head, Philanthropy Services, UBS AG


Willie's book may be viewed as "Charity 101." It inspires charities to do better. However, on another and more important level, it challenges the reader with uncommon thinking on nonprofit paradigms. Whether you agree with some of his radical thinking or not, we should take our hats off to Willie for living his values and not following the herd with "easy" answers. This book will change the way charities think, work and live.

Fang Ai Lian, Chairman, Charity Council

Willie's writings has stirred, provoked and moved the charity scene in Singapore. He has a way of putting things within a framework, connecting seemingly unrelated dots in his attempt to make sense of all that is going on in and around the sector here and elsewhere. That is what the non-profit sector critically needs at this juncture more than ever– critical thinking around critical issues beyond the doing. Read More...

Tan Chee Koon, former CEO,
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

An amazing amount of research and ideas fused together. In a sense, this is the The Undercover Economist of the charity world. It provides the most complete and insightful account I have seen of what happened at the NKF. This should be a textbook for anyone who wants to better understand why charities work – or don't.

Gerard Ee, Chairman, The New NKF (National Kidney Foundation)