Doing Good Well
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Doing Good Well
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  Chapter 9
The Charity Quotient
How Charitable are You, Truly?

How Charitable are You, Truly?


Does the size of a donation determine the level of generosity of a giver? Posed with this dilemna, I sought to construct a charity quotient framework.

In this framework, there are two dimensions of charitableness. One measures the external manifestation of the giving of money, time and self - relative to the giver’s capacity. The internal dimension measures the motivation for giving - whether it is for altruistic or selfish reasons.

Juxtaposing the two dimensions identifies four different kinds of givers: the Little Giver, the Value Giver, the Latent Giver and the Virtuous Giver. Unfortunately, most of the world seems to fit into the “Little Giver” category.

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